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One of the tasks before Breezy Ridge right now is to make sure that John's recordings, books, and videos are always available. The LPs, which are still available from the original pressing, are already tranferred to digital and will soon be avilable. The Videos have been transferred to DVD//we just need to get the rest of the disc finished.. Books that have gone out of print will be available again. Additions will be added here as available.

'CAROUSEL' John Pearse "Carousel" by John Pearse

John has always enjoyed writing stories...and here is his last collection,! Some of them have been published in Vintage Guitar Magazine to rave reviews...and some have only just seen the light of day!






'CAROUSEL' by John Pearse...............................................$13.95

'STRING ALONG: Learn Guitar with John Pearse'

John Pearse® String Along Book

The companion book to John's successful PBS series and the STRING ALONG Video Set listed below, STRING ALONG starts with the fundamentals and teaches you the "grammar" of the six strings of the guitar in folk, classical, electric and slide styles. The perfect method for the player who is not sure what style he or she wants to pursue.

This book contains everything--from how to put strings on a guitar and how to tune it, through the development of finger picking styles and the use of the flat pick on both acoustic and electric guitar. It unlocks the mysteries of classical guitar technique and the complexities of modern bluegrass guitar. It even introduces you to the captivating sounds of Hawaii, and shows how the guitar can imitate the modern Nashville style steel guitar sounds. Included is a sound sheet which includes all musical examples.We are honored by the fact that one of these books accompanies each guitar sent out by Operation Music Aid.

STRINGALONG Book and Sound Sheet by John Pearse...................$10.95

Dimensions: 9" x 12", 92 pages

The Guitarist's Picture Chord Encyclopedia

John Pearse "Guitarist's Picture Chord Encyclopedia"Here is the finest chord book for guitarists ever published. It shows you, in clear, generous sized photographs, every chord you'll ever be called to play. In addition, each photograph is backed up by window diagrams and standard notation. As a way of learning guitar chords, it is just like having a private teacher permanently "looking over your shoulder" to put you right. You can be sure, too, that every chord is correctly fingered--and that the way you are shown to play is the best way.

John spent just over a year selecting and annotating each chord. And many weeks were spent with photographer Roger Perry shooting frame after frame of each, to make sure of the perfect angle needed to show just how the fingers hold down the chords.

So, unlike many so-called guitar chord books, John Pearse's book is a complete guide to every musical and playable chord in the repertoire. (It even includes chords only playable on electric and cut-away guitar necks!) Guitarists will find this "Encyclopedia of Picture Chords" a magnificent aid to better playing.


The Guitarist's Picture Chord Encyclopedia by John Pearse...............$24.95 /ea

Dimensions: 9" x 11 7/8", 310 pages


'STRING ALONG Video Tapes: Learn Guitar with John Pearse'

String Along Video Vol. 1String Along Video Vol. 2

In case you missed John's PBS series, here is your opportunity to have John teaching YOU guitar right in your own living room!


Tape 1 starts at the beginning, learning how to hold and tune the guitar, elementary chords, and ways to start right out making music.

Tape 2 introduces tablature notation, works on finger picking and syncopation, coordinating right and left hands.

String Along Video Vol. 3String Along Video Vol. 4

Tape 3 moves to an intermediate level, getting into more advanced theory and styles. Learn how to play scales and unlock the fingerboard so you can play melodies all over the neck.


Tape 4 introduces the classical guitar and left hand vibrato. Open tunings and playing with a slide open the door to both Hawaiian style guitar and Pedal Steel mimicry.


STRINGALONG Video Set (4 tapes) by John Pearse..................$120.00 /set

STRINGALONG Individual Tape 1, 2, 3, or 4 by John Pearse..................$39.95 /ea


We are in the process of converting the StringAlong Series to Digital format...both the VHS content and the Sound Sheet which accompanied the Book. If you would like us to let you know when they are available, email us and we'll contact you directly!


Cooking with Wine Video Tape

Cooking with Wine Video Tape

You may wonder what this video is doing on a music website--but what else do on-the-road musicians do when they're not making music? With fourteen of the most popular recipes from the hit PBS TV series, "Cooking with Wine", John shows how easily--and quickly--you can prepare delicious, mouth-watering gourmet dishes from the great kitchens of Europe.


Cooking With Wine Video Tape by John Pearse...................$29.95 /ea


PS We are in the process of republishing the wonderful book which accompanied this series and hope to have the Video in Digital format in the near future.!



Albums available from Breezy Ridge Instruments, Ltd.

These albums are part of the original pressings and in pristine condition. If you are a collector, here is the Promised Land!


John Pearse "Alive and Well...and Living in America" John Pearse "Alive and Well...."

Recorded in February 1980, this was John's first album after coming to the United States in 1978. Includes vocals, guitars, ukulele, mandolin, and mouth trombone. Mary Faith joined in a few harmonies. It's a great example of his various musical loves, as he says in the dedication....

"For all the good guys who showed the way and then had to leave...for Reverend Gary, Mississippi John, and Skippy--not to forget Paul Whiteman and Jack Teagarden or Fiddler, the original Underdog.

Most especially, it's for Hercules, the Bassethound, my old buddy in hellraising, in memory of those ragtime sessions in the back room of The Pindar. I hope that, in whatever canine paradise he ended up, he finally found a bartender who could make a vodka/milk piledriver to his liking."

Side 1: She's Funny That Way, Down and Out, Baby It Must Be Love, C.C. Rider, Biscuits, Tennessee Blues

Side 2: Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You?; Richland Woman Blues, Broke and Hungry, Jailbird Love Song, St. James Infirmary Blues, Before I Met You

"Alive and Well...and Living in America" by John Pearse

DB1939...................$25.00 /ea

We hope to have this available in CD format by Spring of 2016





Mary Faith Rhoads and John Pearse "Together"

Recorded live in March of 1980, this was the first and only full album that Mary Faith and John recorded together.

Includes guitar, mountain dulcimer, hammer dulcimer, and mouth trombone.

"TOGETHER- from the Middle English: to gather. Uniting/re-uniting: 'Their music brought them....' Participation in a musical activity: 'Now you know the chorus, lets all try it....' Conjoining of day and night, Yin and Yang, a Medieval Broken Token. Modern American argot/slang: 'Mary Faith and John have their music...!' "

Side 1: Kitchen Girl, Moanin' for You, The Three Sea Captains, Single Life, Side by Side, When I First Came to This Land

Side 2: Blue World/ Sally Free and Easy, Drink to Me Only, The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago, Lonesome Valley

"Together" by Mary Faith Rhoads and John Pearse

DB1940...................$25.00 /ea

We hope to have this available in CD format by Spring of 2016



Mary Faith Rhoads - Take Care of YourselfMary Faith Rhoads and The Dobbs Brothers "Take Care of Yourself"

The second album that Mary Faith did with the Dobbs Brothers. Joe and Dennis were originally from East Texas but resided in West Virginia when Mary Faith met them. This album covers everything from Old Time to some of Mary Faith's original songs. Includes guitar, autoharp, mountain and hammer dulcimer, fiddle, and five string banjo. Recorded in West Virginia in January, 1979. For information about their first album, which has now been retitled "Joe Dobbs Plays Fiddle Tunes", check Joe's website.We are saddened to mention Joe's Passing in October 2015.


Side 1: Oh He's Gone, Here's To You Rounders, Tennessee Waltz, The Pennsylvania Song, The Cuckoo

Side 2: Highland Journey, All the Good Times, Down and Out, Take Care of Yourself, Petronella

"Take Care of Yourself" - Mary Faith Rhoads and The Dobbs Brothers

DB1941...................$25.00 /ea

We hope to have this available in CD format by Spring of 2016


Ragtime and CounterpointJohn Pearse "Ragtime & Counterpoint"

Advanced and painless fancy fingerpicking! It uses elements of classical guitar Counterpoint to demonstrate how well Ragtime translates to the guitar.

In the committment to keep John's books in print, this book is on the "to do" list!






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