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At Musikmesse this year Harry DeJong, from Sacksioni Guitars in Amsterdam, was telling me about how there are picks which should be made but which are not being made.So a bunch of us sat down around a table and tried to decide which picks are not available which should be. The result are three new unique picks, made of Buffalo Horn, which are called our COWBOY PICKS™ [thanks Karl]. Consisting of three new shapes, these picks are made with an attention to detail and are truly small works of art. These are some of the thinnest Horn picks we have ever produced!

Breezy Ridge Cowboy[tm] Picks

MESA™ has lots of pick under your thumb,with a dimple for control, with a short picking point.

CHAPARRAL™ is the compliment of the Mesa™, not quite so much under the thumb, with a dimple for control, and a longer picking point;

PALAMINO™ is the deepest of the three picks, with four drilled holes and a dimple for control, and a long point.

And, of course, all of them can be held any way you want, and good for both right and left handed players.

Breezy Ridge COWBOY PICKS........$12.00 each


BUY ONE EACH [TOTAL 3] FOR PRICE OF 2 ................$24.00




Skinny™ Straps


Our new John Pearse® SKINNY Straps have been a hit since we first introduced them!

Made by our friends at Levy's, they are a great combination strap...good for either guitar or banjo or mandolin!
A single ply of leather with an adjusting strap, the length varies from 45-1/2 inches to 52 inches in length and at 1-1/2 inches wide, it rolls up easily into the headstock of most cases!

A button hole on each end, it also includes a "shoelace" string for longer connections or connections without a button.!

They are available in our beautiful "NUBUCK" and Black, Dark Brown, Burgundy or Red Leather. Each Skinny™ Strap has the John Pearse® oval logo branded into the leather. They make a great present to musicians because of their versatility!


John Pearse® Skinny™ Strap.........................$19.95

Specify Nubuck, Black, Red, Burgundy or Dark Brown.

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Made to exacting standards, this is some of the softest leather you will ever find in a strap!

Two inches wide and double ply, it is sewn with care and attention to all the details. Sewn around the button holes at each end, the adjustment end of the strap includes a second button hole higher up for quick changes to a shorter strap. Without counting the included "shoelace" string, the shortest length is 36" [using the high hole] and the longest would be 51".

This is a strap that is made to last a lifetime!

The strap has an applied golden brown leather circle with the John Pearse® Strings Logo embossed upon it. Classic good taste! One of the best straps we have ever used.



John Pearse® SOFT Strap™.........................$69.95



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New Products!John Pearse® FAST TURTLES™

John Pearse® New Brass KingPins[tm]Tortoise Shell has been the "Holy Grail" of guitar picks for as long as I can remember...and, for a considerably shorter time than that [we won't get picky] we have been trying to make picks which are legal and non-lethal to life forms, and which get the same sound.

John's wonderful Studio Picks taught people that a pick could be redesigned...and has 3 different picking points,each of which gets a different sound! So, after using Casein [a resin made from Milk and Phosphoric Acid] for our Faux Tortoise™ Shell Pins, it wasn't much of a stretch of the imagination to think about doing the Studio Picks in Casein.

Our NEW John Pearse® FAST TURTLES are so named in honor of all the tortoises who got away safely!

They are NOW available in 4 different gauges of Thin [1.2mm], MEDIUM [2.5mm w/Dimple] , Heavy [ w/Dimple] and Extra Heavy [4mm with Dimple]. They also come with a complimentary cloth pouch so that they won't get left in your pockets and go through the washing machine. We are also working on a thinner pick...which should make many people very happy!

John Pearse® FAST TURTLES™ ..........................$12.00 each

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John Pearse® Artiste Rosins



We have had such success with the ARTISTE™ Rosins, that we are happy to announce that we have expanded the line and they are now awailable in both the"Stradivarius Violin" shape or in the new "Vitruvio Man" Box.

Our wonderful Artiste™ Rosins are made with the finest materials and the Rosin is made to the Highest Standards in Italy.

The extraordinary wooden "Stradivarius violin" cases are a delight! Everyone who has seen them won't put them down...they just want to hold them in their hands! The design on the case is a design drawn by Stradivarius so you are actually holding a small part of history! They are available as either Violin [Light Rosin-center] or Cello {Dark Rosin - left]. The box is 2-3/4 inches long by 1-1/2" wide at the bottom bout. Each Artiste™ Rosin comes with a Dark Brown Cloth Pouch to protect it.

The New ARTISTE™ "VITRUVIO BOX" comes with both Light AND Dark formulations for either Violin or Cello. The box closes with a magnetic lid and will still be a cherished possession after you have finished the Rosin!

The perfect item for a player....and the perfect gift for a player!artiste vitruvio man rosin

Spoil yourself....or someone else!


John Pearse® Artiste™ Cello Rosin - Dark -"Stradivarius" Box.................$27.95 each

John Pearse® Artiste™ Violin Rosin -Light- "Stradivarius" Box....................$27.95 each

John Pearse® Artiste™ Cello Rosin.- Light & Dark in "Vitruvio" Box..............$39.95 each

John Pearse® Artiste™ Violin Rosin.- Light & Dark in "Vitruvio" Box................$39.95each

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New Products!John Pearse® Django® Buttons


John Pearse® Django® ButtonsJohn always was a fan of the outstanding guitarist of the "Hot Club of Paris", Django Reinhardt, whose 100th Birthday was just celebrated by fans worldwide! And when John had the opportunity to be at a concert with Raoul Reynoso or John Jorgenson, they knew he loved "Nuages" and would often honor him by playing it! Thank you Raoul! Thank you John!

He always said that Django played with a trouser fly button as a we honor him with our John Pearse® DJANGO® BUTTONS! They are .056" thick, made of Heavy Viscoloid [a type of celulose] and have a wonderful sound!


John Pearse® Django® Buttons............$2.00 each



Mary Faith's Dulcimer Quills

When I learned to play the Mountain Dulcimer, I learned using real quills....feathers. I figured that was why my cat used to come and hang out with me, rather than the music. She just couldn't wait till I put the quill down. In the late 60's when I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a good friend got a very small piece of Delrin for me to try, mentioning that it was used to replace quills in Harpsichords. Well, it worked well for me, and I husbanded that piece for about 30 years until I finally lost what was left of it.

I am delighed to say that we have found a source of supply for small quantities of Delrin and can finally offer it to other dulcimer players!

The beauty of having a piece is that you can cut the size and length of a piece you want! The ones I have always been most comfortable with are between 1/4 and 1/8 inch wide and the length of the piece....which means you can get at least 8 pieces from one of our Dulcimer Quills Packages! If you want to play softly, you hold the Quill more loosely, higher on the piece. If you want to play more loudly, you slip your index finger down the back of the piece closer to the strings and restrict the flexibility! And, it is more flexible than a regular pick!

The other nice thing is that if you have a mind to try out different sized picks for various and sundry instruments, here is a piece which can be cut with a sissor and you can design to your heart's delight!

Mary Faith's Dulcimer Quills....................$5.95

2" X 2-3/4"

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New Products!

John Pearse® KingPins LogoJohn Pearse® New KingPins[tm]








Made of brass and meticulous crafted to exacting standards, these pins will never disappoint!

The Six Pin Bridge Pin Sets include the slotted French Eye of Ebonite and Pearl of our original pins, and two new sets: Pearl Dot and Plain Brass. AND, we are also offering UNSLOTTED sets with the same three options! John Pearse® KingPins(tm)Matching End Pins are available as a separate item.


Sustain is the name of the game! Brittle-bronze, sometimes called by it's German name, "glocken-messing" (bell-bronze) is an extremely hard and very dense alloy. Because of its composition, it is able to effectively store any energy that is transmitted to it, which is why--for centuries--it has been used as a material for the manufacture of bells.

A great deal of the energy that is generated by the striking or plucking of an acoustic guitar string is dissipated at the bridge and therefore wasted. The more solidly-built electric guitar utilizes its string energy much more effeciently than the lightly-constructed bridge area of even the finest acoustic guitar. However the new John Pearse® KingPins™ eliminate much of that energy loss, acting almost like small energy 'batteries' at the bridge-end of each string, allowing a more efficient use of the string energy--and greatly improving both sustain and tone!

The number of pins you need depends very much upon the total characteristics of your guitar. A guitar with good tonal balance, string to string, would probably open up considerably by the replacement of all six original plastic or wooden pins with the new Pearse® KingPins™. Then again, just the replacement of the first, third and sixth might be sufficient. Just try and see!

If you have a guitar with a weak treble, you might just need to replace the first three pins--while one with a weak bass response should improve greately if you replace the pins that secure the wound strings. Incredibly, the replacement of JUST ONE PIN can markedly improve the character and tone of your guitar. Experiment! The tonal possibilities are endless!!

Parisian Eyes were first developed in the Eighteenth Century Europe as a decoration that a maker of violin bows would add to his finest bows. It seems fitting to add them to the new John Pearse® KingPins™!

NOW Available in our Mini Leather Squeeze Pouch "Green Packaging" rather than the previous Plastic boxes!.


New! John Pearse® KingPins™ - Set of 6 Pins Green Packaging

Please Specify either Slotted or Unslotted

Plain Brass ........$37.95 - End Pin......$10.00

Brass with Pearl Dot.......$44.95 - End Pin......$11.00

Brass with Ebonite and Pearl French Eye.......$49.95 - End Pin......$11.00

Pins also available individually.

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New Products! John Pearse® Bone or Horn Chamfered Bridge Pins

John and I were both very excited when we commissioned these new Bone and Horn Bridge Pins and we were not disappointed! We did our best to capture their beauty in the images but they are much more beautiful in person!

The New John Pearse® Bone or Horn Bridge Pins are slotted and the ends of the pins are chamfered--which means that the end of the pin is cut on an angle. When you insert the pin into the string slot, the chamfered end moves the pin past the ball of the string so that the ball seats along the side of the pin much more easily than without the chamfered end. When you are replacing a string in a hurry, it makes your life easier! It also means that your string will seat perfectly each time, not turning your guitar into a pin-launching cannon!

New John Pearse® Bone Bridge Pins, left to right Abalone Dot, Brass/Abalone French Eye, Ebonite/Abalone French Eye

The New John Pearse® Bone Bridge Pin Sets are available in 3 different inserts [shown left to right], 6 pins to the set:



New John Pearse® Buffalo Horn Bridge Pins, left to right, Abalone Dot, Brass/Abalone French Eye, Pearl/Abalone French Eye

The New John Pearse® Horn Bridge Pin Sets are available in 3 different inserts [shown left to right], 6 pins to the set:


Matching End Pins are available separately and Bone/Abalone Dot and Horn/Abalone Dot Strap Buttons are also available.


The Pin Sets are packaged either in the wood base, as shown, in a Clear Presentation Box or our NEW GREEN PACKAGING....the pins, in a small plastic bag, with one of our Beautiful Leather Mini Squeeze Pouches!

Please specify either PLASTIC or GREEN Packaging when ordering. Green Packaging is the default.

Gift Packaging is also available at no extra charge.

The Pins Sets are also available in our standard size or in a new larger diameter, longer pin set.


John Pearse® Bone Bridge Pin Set [6 Pins] [Standard or Larger Pin]

Bone with Abalone Dot............................................$57.95

Matching End Pin..........................$11.95

Matching Strap Button.........................$18.95

Bone with Ebonite French Eye and Abalone Dot.......$67.95

Matching End Pin..........................$12.95

Bone with Brass French Eye and Abalone Dot..........$67.95

Matching End Pin..........................$12.95

John Pearse® Horn Bridge Pin Set [6 Pins] [Standard or Larger Pin]

Horn with Abalone Dot...........................................$47.95

Matching End Pin...........................$10.95

Matching Strap Button..............................$18.95

Horn with White French Eye and Abalone Dot...........$57.95

Matching End Pin...........................$11.95

Horn with Brass French Eye and Abalone Dot............$57.95

Matching End Pin...........................$11.95

John Pearse® Albino Horn Bridge Pin Set [6 Pins] [ Larger Pin Only] [NOT SHOWN]

Albino Horn with Abalone Dot...........................................$57.95

Matching End Pin.............................$11.95

Matching Strap Button...........................$18.95

Albino Horn with Brass French Eye and Abalone Dot............$67.95

Matching End Pin.............................$12.95

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New John Pearse® Bone or Horn Bridge Pin Earrings

John Pearse® Bone Brass/Abalone French Eye Earrings

We felt the Brass/Abalone French Eye inserts were so beautiful they should not just be Bridge Pins! And now they are also available with just the Abalone Dot!...The Beauty of the Horn or Bone Bridge Pins for pierced ears. And, they are available by the piece or as a pair.

Now, you can dress yourself up to match your guitar! Or, as a gentleman once mentioned to me, now he could find something at a guitar show that he would purchase for his wife!

Shown are the Small Stud Earrings--the same size as the Bridge Pins. They are also available in a Larger Size [made from the End Pins]. We've had to re-evaluate using the 14K studs as the prices have more than skyrocketed since we first brought them out. So, some are available with14K Studs and the balance are available with Stainless Steel Studs.We now include the larger clear backs for all of the earrings making it easier to wear the larger Studs.

John Pearse® Horn Brass/Abalone French Eye Earrings




Brass/Abalone French Eye Large- Bone or Horn, 14K Stud..........$35.00 each or $60.00 pair

Brass/Abalone French Eye Small - Horn Only, 14K Stud..........................$33.00 each or $50.00 pair

Brass/Abalone French Eye Small - Bone or Horn, Stainless Steel Stud..............$28.00 each or $38.00 pair

Abalone Dot Small - Bone or Horn, Stainless Steel Stud.....................$28.00 each or $38.00 pair



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So NEW, we don't even have a picture of them yet, but our new John Pearse® SKINNY Straps were a great hit this summer at Clifftop,WV and Galax, VA festivals! Made by our friends at Levy's, they are a great combination strap...good for either guitar or banjo or mandolin!
A single ply of leather, the strap can vary from 45-1/2 inches to 52 inches in length and at 1-1/2 inches wide, it rolls up easily into the headstock of most cases! It also comes with a "shoelace" string for longer connections!

They are immediately available in our beautiful "Honey Suede" [this is actually what they call NUBUCK] of our original John Pearse® Guitar Straps [again, single ply] and will soon be available in Dark Brown, Burgundy or Red Leather. Each Skinny™ Strap has the John Pearse® oval logo branded into the leather. They make a great present to musicians because of their versatility!


John Pearse® Skinny™ Strap.........................$19.95

Specify Nubuck, Red, Burgundy or Dark Brown.


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New Products!SINGLE STRING SWIPESSingle String Swipes[tm]







Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Non-Corrosive, Ozone Friendly


Here, in this little round box,or in this individually wrapped package, is salvation for any musician with an instrument with metal strings--John Pearse® String Swipes™!

Swipe--then wipe with a soft cloth--your strings when you first put them on the instrument and before you play. This leaves a microscopic barrier that protects the strings which feel smoother and will finger faster.

Swipe--then wipe--your strings after you play to remove any damaging skin oils AND to remove and suspend any oxidation, keeping the strings sounding better, longer!

Now if you let someone play your instrument, YOU won't hve to worry about immediately changing strings! So no more "Acid" hands! AND, you won't have to change brands to try to get longer life from your strings.

Keep the container closed and in the plastic bag provided to avoid any evaporation.

Imagine the instruments you can use it on...banjo, autoharp, guitar, hammer dulcimer, mandola, pedal steel, violin, zither, and on and on!

John Pearse® String Swipes™ with CAIG DeOxit--if you are serious about sound!


John Pearse® String Swipes™ [container - 30 String Swipes™.].....................$ 12.95 each

New! John Pearse® SINGLE String Swipes™ [clamshell/20 packages].........$ 12.95 each

New!John Pearse® SINGLE String Swipes™, each....................................$1.25 each

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This is one of the softest nucrifuber cloths we have been able to find.

Now you can polish your guitar without polish...or your glasses...or whatever. The beauty of the microfiber is that it does it all without additives!

Washable. Approx 12:" X 12" We wamted one large enough to use on guitars....and one of the best deals ever!

Breezy Ridge Microfiber Polishing Cloth.....$6.50



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John Pearse® OL' RELIABLE™ CAPOJohn Pearse® Ol' Reliable Capo


Our Handmade traditional stirrup capo in solid bell bronze, with a leather pad were originally made for us in the Czech Republic. We still have that Model for Classical Guitar available. But, we are delighted to announce that the new Ol' Reliable Guitar Capos are available again....and made in the USA....just outside of Quakertown, about 10 miles away from us here in Pennsylvania. They are wonderful. Slightly heavier than the original capo, the mass adds sustain to a guitar and slides over the nut for easy storage when not in use. And, in the redesigning, we were able to improve on the previous capos!Our first production run of the 12 String Capo and the Banjo Capo to be made here are now available as well. We live in exciting times!


John Pearse® OL' RELIABLE™ CAPO for GUITAR.... $ 59.95 MADE IN THE USA

John Pearse® OL' RELIABLE™ CAPO for 12 String and BANJO... $ 59.95 MADE IN THE USA

John Pearse® OL' RELIABLE™ CAPO [ Classical].... $ 29.95


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Identifying a case has always been an important part of being a musician! How do you know which guitar case is yours? Welcome to our sturdy, practical John Pearse® Instrument Case Tags! Actually, they are practical for any sort of case you want to identify...suitcase, computer case, camera case, etc. 3-1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide.

The flap conceals the address information until it is needed and sturdy buckles and straps connect to the handle of the case...yet small enough to not be bothersome. Our John Pearse® Instrument Case Tags come in two leathers, DARK BROWN with a Gold imprinted John Pearse® Logo or NUBUCK with John Pearse® Logo Brand. Perfect Gifts for any musician, or business person, for that matter!

John Pearse® Instrument Case Tags...................$7.95

Specify Brown or Nubuck

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New John Pearse® Fine Leather Pouches

We have had such an incredible response to the Handsfulls, and the wonderful MADE IN THE USA Leather pouches, that we have decided made these Fine Leather pouches available separately, in FOUR different sizes. They are perfect for picks, capos, and all manner of things!

We usually try to keep four colors in stock: Black, Brown, Burgundy, and Navy. But, in the Mini and Small Squeeze Pouches, we often have colors such as Lavender, Purple, Denim, Tan, Grass Green, Teal, Red and Fushia on hand so ask if you have a preference.We'll do our best to accomodate you with the stock we have on hand.

The New MINI Squeeze Pouches we are now using, as well, as GREEN packaging for our beautiful bridge pins, replacing the wood and plastic boxes!

NEW Squeeze Pouch Mini 2-1/2" X 3-3/4".................$8.95

Squeeze Pouch Small 3-1/2" X 2-3/4"............... $9.95

Squeeze Pouch Medium 3-1/2" X 4-1/2"............$11.95

NEW! Squeeze Pouch Large 3-1/2" X 6-1/2" ..........$12.95 [Limited Color Selection}

Zipper Pouch Small 4-1/2" X 2-3/4"............................... $9.95

Zipper Pouch Medium 3-3/4" X 6"".......................$11.95


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When my husband Spafford found the first 4OZ jar of TOPRICIN® for me, it was as if my prayers had been answered. Bad circulation in my legs made me go literally "crazy" at night,especially after I'd been on my feet all day--and made sleep almost impossible! I made that Jar last for 5 years, afraid I'd never find another one! When I finally had to admit I had used it all, I desperately got onto the internet to see if they were still in business...and another miracle...they were!

After years of carrying it with me, for my own needs...ankles, knees, hands, back, neck, etc....and always ending up giving away whatever tube I had to someone who needed it more than I did...I decided it was finally time for Breezy Ridge® to start carrying it! So, thankfully, now you know where to buy it too! And, the company who makes Topricin® has been incredibly supportive with samples--so you can try it and know that it works before you buy it.

TOPRICIN® is a Homeopathic cream that was originally created for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It also works well for arthritis and sore muscles! There are now two additional special formulations for Foot Therapy and a Children's Pain Cream Version.

So, you can buy Topricin® from us, or you can buy it from them directly on their website, where you can also find out more information about their products and take advantage of any additional special offers!!

TOPRICIN® 2 OZ TUBE..................$16.95

TOPRICIN 4 OZ JAR.............................$24.95

TOPRICIN® 8 OZ PUMP............................$39.95

TOPRICIN® 16 OZ PUMP..............................$84.95

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A friend told me, after seeing my split and bleeding fingertips, that here was someone to whom I needed to talk! Dr. Randy Jacobs, a Dermatologist who also happens to be a GUITAR PLAYER, developed a products that all guitarists need!

This soothing cream offers many benefits, beyond the obvious ones of taking care of the skin of your hands!


Apply to your hands about five minutes before you are ready to play. You'll see that it soaks right in and protects your hands!


Take a tissue and wipe off any excess. your hands are clean to play. IF YOU HAVE ACIDIC HANDS WHICH WILL DEADEN STRINGS, THIS WILL DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM!!!

Your hands are now DRY and CLEAN and READY TO PLAY! This makes your strings last longer!


Use as often as your hands need to moisturize away skin problems.

GUITAR HANDS® 3 OZ TUBE...........$15.95

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John Pearse® Players Pouch - backJohn Pearse® Musician's CarryAll[tm]


We've also added a fantastic John Pearse® MUSICIAN'S CARRYALL...perfect for when you are playing outside! Put it over your shoulder so that it is out of the way of instrument and arms! Big enough for a spare set of strings, capos, picks, whatever you need to carry with you...and light enough to not be a bother. The heavy duty nylon parachute cord strap has an adjustable cord lock on the inside of the bag so you can make it short or long! And, it's small enough to keep in your guitar case when you are not out playing!

Originally designed to wear while travelling internationally, our Small Musician's CarryAll™ is 6-1/2 inches high and 4-1/2 inches wide, with a zippered pouch on each side, covered on one side, and full leather divider in the middle. The Large CarryAll™ measures 8" X 5". The quality of this leather is just wonderful...and they are MADE IN THE USA. Check with us for available colors...we always try to have some different ones on hand!

NEW John Pearse® MUSICIAN'S CARRYALL, Large 8" X 5".........................$30.00

NEW John Pearse® MUSICIAN'S CARRYALL, Small 6-1/2" X 4-1/2"....................$26.00

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John Pearse® "Music Really Does...." Blue Emb Tee-shirt

We have always been happy with our "Music Really Does Make the World a Better Place" oval logo. You wouldn't believe the beauty of this Embroidery, done by a good friend of John Pearse® Strings in Colorado! Hanes Beefy Tees..what more need we say~! A larger assortment of sizes are available in the newer colors.





Medium, Large, XLarge....................$17.00

2X Large...............$21.00

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John Pearse® "Music Really Does..." Grey Tee-Shirt

Long Sleeve T-Shirts are just the best of all shirts for musicians! And Hanes Beefy-Tees are just the best! Protect your instrument with the long sleeves...look good at the same time! And the embroidery is just brilliant!



Close Up JP® Emb TeeShirt




Medium, Large, XLarge....................$20.00

2X Large, 4X Large...............$24.00

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"Music Really Does Make the World a Better Place™" Emb Denim Shirt

Our wonderful embroidered "Music Really Does...."on a Light Denim Button Down Collar shirt!

They are available in both SHORT Sleeve and LONG Sleeve Shirts. Folded, sealed in poly bag.

Both shirts are the same price...take your pick...or one of each!



John Pearse® Strings/"Music Really Does Make the World a Better Place™" Embroidered Denim Shirts

Please Specify SHORT Sleeve or LONG Sleeve

Medium, Large, XLarge............$30.00

2XLarge, 4XLarge............$34.00

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"Music Really Does..." Emb Ball Cap

A good friend of Breezy Ridge has made these wonderful Caps for us. The Embroidery is beautiful and thick and the caps are available in "Washed Denim" [to the left] and Grey [right] . The visors are nicely additional work necessary! And now they are also available in Tan and Green!


"Music Really Does..." Grey Embroidered Cap

Embroidered John Pearse® Strings

"Music Really Does Make the World a Better Place™" Ball Cap.....................$20.00

Specify Denim, Grey, Green or Tan


We also have available John Pearse® Strings Oval Logo Ball Caps [the inner section of the above mentioned caps] --please specify Tan, Navy or Black.

John Pearse® Oval Logo Ball Caps...............$13.95


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Prices listed are Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice!

Topricin® is a registered trademark of Topical Biomedics, Guitar Hands® is a registered trademark True Moisture, Graphics and logos on this web site are trademarked, copyrighted, or registered by Breezy Ridge® Instruments, Ltd., Mary Faith Rhoads-Lewis or Linda Pearse, Center Valley, PA 18034, and may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Breezy Ridge® Instruments, Ltd.


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