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For many players of fine instruments, the winter is always a time of worry. Delicate--and not so delicate--musical instruments are very susceptible to the extremes in ambient humidity brought about by the use of central heating systems! Players who live in very dry climates are also liable to the same concerns! Low humidity can be very dangerous to instruments!

Many solutions have been offered to effect some protection--all of them effective to a limited degree. The most popular "snake" humidifier [such as the John Pearse® Humidifiers for Guitar or Mandolin ] may humidify the body cavity of an instrument, when it is not in use, but may not protect the neck and fingerboard from shrinkage. To provide adequate protection, the entire instrument case must be turned into a safe environment! The K-Saire System does just that!

It consists of a high-quality precision hygrometer with gradations every 2 percent--which is mounted inside the case in an easily read location--and an efficient humidifier which is mounted in the headstock area of the case. This allows moisture to be diffused throughout the case ensuring a maximum humidification of the entire case!

The K-Saire System is very easy to use. The humidifier is charged with either distilled water or the special K-Saire fluid allowing a steady release of moisture over an extended period of time. Everytime the case is opened, the hygrometer [in plain sight] displays the humidity level within the case. IF the level should fall below 40%, you recharge the humidifier in order to return the humidity to a safe level.

Although originally developed for fretted stringed instruments, it has proven to be invaluable for the case humidification of all delicate wood instruments; players of everything from violins and violas to oboe, flute, clarinet and zither have all come to rely upon it for maintaining safe humidity levels for their instruments!

Comes with "Owners Manual" [see below] with complete instructions for use.


Hygrometer.....1-3/8" diameter, 5/16" thick

Humidifier.....2-1/8" diameter, 9/16" thick

The John Pearse® K-Saire System.............$24.95


Dry air can destroy a delicate stringed instrument!!
Here's how you can protect YOUR delicate stringed instrument from warping and cracking with
The John Pearse® K-Saire™ Professional Case Humidification System! Read instructions carefully!

1. Remove both the black humidifier unit and the brass hygrometer from the box.
2. Attach the hygrometer to the inside of the instrument case in a place where it can be easily read, but where it cannot come in contact with the instrument.* [A suggestion would be to affix it on the lid of the string compartment, taking care that it is well clear of the instrument.]
3. Detach the humidifier unit from it's hook-and-loop tape, then attach the tape to either the back wall of the string compartment beneath the headstock, or the floor of the headstock compartment, taking care that the unit is placed in such a way that the headstock of the instrument cannot come in contact with it.*
4. Fill the humidifier by slowly pouring either K-Saire™ Liquid or distilled water into it through the front grill until it accepts no more.
5. Turn it, grill-side down and shake to remove any overfill, then place it on folded paper towels and leave for one hour to ensure that all excess moisture has been removed.
6. Attach the unit to the hook-and-loop tape in the headstock compartment.
*IMPORTANT!! If your instrument case has a plush lining, it is advisable to permanently affix the hook-and-loop tape of both the hygrometer and the humidifier with a strong adhesive in order to prevent either detaching accidentally.
The optimum case humidity range should be 40%-50%!
Check the hygrometer reading every time you open the case (once a week if the instrument is not being used) and recharge the humidifier unit as necessary.
REMEMBER, too much moisture is as dangerous to a delicate instrument as too little! If the hygrometer reading rises above 50%, remove the humidifier from the case until the ambient humidity lowers to the recommended level.


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