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New Products!

John Pearse® OL' RELIABLE™ CAPOJohn Pearse® Ol' Reliable Capo

Our Handmade traditional stirrup capo in solid bell bronze, with a leather pad were originally made for us in the Czech Republic. We still have that Model for Classical Guitar available. But, we are delighted to announce that the new Ol' Reliable Guitar Capos are available again....and made in the USA....just outside of Quakertown, about 10 miles away from us here in Pennsylvania. They are wonderful. Slightly heavier than the original capo, the mass adds sustain to a guitar and slides over the nut for easy storage when not in use. And, in the redesigning, we were able to improve on the previous capos!Our first production run of the 12 String Capo and the Banjo Capo to be made here are now available as well. We live in exciting times!


John Pearse® OL' RELIABLE™ CAPO for GUITAR........................ $ 59.95 MADE IN THE USA


John Pearse® OL' RELIABLE™ CAPO for BANJO.......................... $ 59.95 MADE IN THE USA

John Pearse® OL' RELIABLE™ CAPO [ Classical].... $ 29.95






New Products!

John Pearse® Thermo-Cryonic Tone Bars

John Pearse® thermo-Cryonic™ Tone Bars

A totally new kind of tone bar. Carved from an ingot of highest quality 440 stainless steel, each bar is heat treated to 60 Rockwell hardness before being cryogenically frozen to -300 degrees to remove all construction stresses. Experience unbelieveable sustain!

The John Pearse® Thermo-Cryonic™ Tone Bars have become the standard of the industry!

We've just added a new bar to our response to requests for a longer bar. We are proud to introduce the John Pearse® "LONG JOHN"™ which is a 15/16" diameter bar with a length of 3-1/2 inches! Just right for instruments with more strings...and lighter than the 1" bar!

Our friend, Debashish Bhattacharya was visiting and told us he needed a new bar for his style of playing. The bar we copied was made out of rough steel and we are glad to say that he is very happy with the new Debashish Bhattacharya "HINDUSTANI SLIDE".™ It is made to play with the point of the bar rather than the standard "laying on it's side" usage of the other bars so it is 5/8:" in diameter and 2-1/2 inches long.. If you are not familiar with this brilliant player, you need to check out his website and experience his music!

The IMAGE from left to right: Bhattacharya Hindustani Slide, Hawaiian, Pedal Steel, Big Daddy™, Long John™.

Our Original 3-1/4" long bars are available in either the "BIG DADDY"™ - 1", Pedal Steel-7/8" or Hawaiian/Lap Steel-3/4" .

A friend of ours at the "Grand Old Opry" started using one of our bars on his pedal steel. All the other steel players were trying to figure out what it was that he had changed in his steel to so improve the sound...and he told them! It is the John Pearse® Big Daddy™!

NEW TC BAR LEATHERS!!! We also now have available Leathers to cover the bars. People have always asked for a better way to store them, so we had our pouch maker make us exclusive little "fingers" of beautiful leather which come to fit the 3/4", 7/8" and 1" bars. For the Long John™, use the 1 inch. $10.95 each.


John Pearse® Thermo-Cryonic™ Tone Bar - "BIG DADDY"™ Pedal Steel Guitar

Length: 3-1/4" Diameter: 1" Weight: 10.7 oz, 302g .....$63.95

NEW! John Pearse® Thermo-Cryonic™ Tone Bar - "LONG JOHN"™ Pedal Steel Guitar

Length: 3-1/2" Diameter: 15/16" Weight: 10.1oz, 286g .....$63.95

John Pearse® Thermo-Cryonic™ Tone Bar - Pedal Steel Guitar

Length: 3-1/4" Diameter: 7/8" Weight: 8.1oz, 228g .....$54.95

John Pearse® Thermo-Cryonic™ Tone Bar - Lap Steel/Hawaiian Guitar

Length: 2-7/8" Diameter: 3/4" Weight: 5.2 oz, 148g .....$46.00

NEW! John Pearse® Thermo-Cryonic™ Tone Bar - Bhattacharya Hindustani Slide ™

Length: 2-1/2" Diameter: 5/8" : .....$46.00

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JOHN PEARSE® STRING SWIPES John Pearse® String Swipes™ AND








Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Non-Corrosive, Ozone Friendly


Here, in this little round box,or in this individually wrapped package, is salvation for any musician with an instrument with metal strings--John Pearse® String Swipes™!

Swipe--then wipe with a soft cloth--your strings when you first put them on the instrument and before you play. This leaves a microscopic barrier that protects the strings which feel smoother and will finger faster.

Swipe--then wipe--your strings after you play to remove any damaging skin oils AND to remove and suspend any oxidation, keeping the strings sounding better, longer!

Now if you let someone play your instrument, YOU won't hve to worry about immediately changing strings! So no more "Acid" hands! AND, you won't have to change brands to try to get longer life from your strings.

Keep the container closed and in the plastic bag provided to avoid any evaporation.

Imagine the instruments you can use it on...banjo, autoharp, guitar, hammer dulcimer, mandola, pedal steel, violin, zither, and on and on!

John Pearse® String Swipes™ with CAIG DeOxit--if you are serious about sound!


John Pearse® String Swipes™ [container - 30 String Swipes™.].....................$ 12.95 each

John Pearse® SINGLE String Swipes™ [clamshell/20 packages].........$ 12.95 each

John Pearse® SINGLE String Swipes™, each....................................$1.25 each


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John Pearse® Artiste Rosins



We have had such success with the ARTISTE™ Rosins, that we are happy to announce that we have expanded the line and they are now awailable in both the"Stradivarius Violin" shape or in the new "Vitruvio Man" Box.

Our wonderful Artiste™ Rosins are made with the finest materials and the Rosin is made to the Highest Standards in Italy.

The extraordinary wooden "Stradivarius violin" cases are a delight! Everyone who has seen them won't put them down...they just want to hold them in their hands! The design on the case is a design drawn by Stradivarius so you are actually holding a small part of history! They are available as either Violin [Light Rosin-center] or Cello {Dark Rosin - left]. The box is 2-3/4 inches long by 1-1/2" wide at the bottom bout. Each Artiste™ Rosin comes with a Dark Brown Cloth Pouch to protect it.

The New ARTISTE™ "VITRUVIO BOX" comes with both Light AND Dark formulations for either Violin or Cello. The box closes with a magnetic lid and will still be a cherished possession long after you have finished the Rosin!

The perfect item for a player....and the perfect gift for a player!artiste vitruvio man rosin

Spoil yourself....or someone else!

New Products!John Pearse® Artiste™ Cello Rosin - Dark -"Stradivarius" Box.................$27.95 each

John Pearse® Artiste™ Violin Rosin -Light- "Stradivarius" Box....................$27.95 each

John Pearse® Artiste™ Cello Rosin.- Light & Dark in "Vitruvio" Box..............$39.95 each

John Pearse® Artiste™ Violin Rosin.- Light & Dark in "Vitruvio" Box................$39.95each


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The John Pearse® Edge[tm] Guitar Slide

Not a bottleneck.... not a knife.... it's the patented

John Pearse® Edge[tm] Logo



Strange as it may seem, when the first bluesmen experimented with playing slide on their guitars back in the twenties, they didn't use bottlenecks! The first slide guitar players utilized a knife, usually a pocketknife, or a straight razor--held between the ring finger and the pinky of the left hand. Held like this, it was possible to barre straight across the strings or play individual notes on different strings and then swing the knife--or razor--out of the way when it was not needed.

It sounded great, but it was clumsy--and painful! Soon bluesmen switched to a slide fashioned from a medicine bottle or made from the neck of a wine bottle. This worked better, it wasn't so uncomfortable, but it was just as clumsy--and the slide had a tendency to lay diagonally across the strings. Still, it was the only solution, so players used it.

NOW there is THE EDGE™ Slide from John Pearse®. Going back to the idea of the straight razor, John created a slide that was sculpted in such a way that it would fit effortlessly between the ring finger and the pinky. He designed so carefully that it has a counterbalance that allows it to be swung out of the way when it is not needed. Finally, he cast it from dense bell brass to give it incredible sustain. The EDGE® is unique. The EDGE™ is beautiful! The EDGE™ is where it all began. Finally the wheel has turned full circle. Have YOU got The EDGE™?

The John Pearse® EDGE™ Guitar Slide .............$11.50 each

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John Pearse® K-Saire

For use IN-THE-CASE of any wooden instrument!

John Pearse® K-Saire Logo


Although originally developed for fretted stringed instruments, it has proven to be invaluable for the case humidification of all delicate wood instruments; players of everything from violins and violas to oboe, flute, clarinet and zither have all come to rely upon it for maintaining safe humidity levels for their instruments!

For more information, go to the K-Saire™ Page

With larger stringed instruments, use in conjunction with the John Pearse® Humidifiers listed below.

The John Pearse® K-Saire™ System.............$24.95

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John Pearse® Li'l Nipper Logo



John Pearse® Li'l Nipper (tm)

It's a Bridge Pin Puller! It's a String Cutter!

It's a StringWinder!

Includes Adapter for Smaller Tuning Buttons!

Mandolin, Banjo, 12 String, Electric Guitar!]

It Reduces Repetitive Strain Injury!

It's Light! It's Compact!

It fits in the palm of your hand!

For more information, go to the Li'l Nipper™ Page

The John Pearse® Li'l Nipper™ .............$12.95

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John Pearse® String Wizard


Have you ever put on a new set of strings only to have one of the ball-ends break off? Did you throw away the strings? You did? Well, not any more! With John's STRING WIZARD™, you can fashion a new ball-end on the string in minutes!

Have you ever searched for the perfect string for your particular loop-end instrument, only to discover that it is only available in ball-end? Search no more! Just cut the ball-end off, and use the STRING WIZARD™ to spin a loop-end onto the string!

Want to make up your own plain mandolin, banjo, dulcimer or bouzouki strings? Nothing could be easier! Just buy bulk wire in your favorite gauges...and use the STRING WIZARD™ to spin your own custom strings in either ball- or you need them!

Tooled from Bell Brass, the John Pearse® STRING WIZARD™ is supplied with a package of brass ball-ends as well as an illustrated Owners Manual for it's use. Packages of approximately 200 brass ball-ends are also available for purchase.

The John Pearse® STRING WIZARD™ is also supplied with a velour pouch. For those who wish, we also have a beautiful soft leather John Pearse® Pouches branded with the JohnPearse® Logo. This Accessory Pouch serves not only picks and capos and pedal steel bars, but it is just the right size for your new STRING WIZARD™. Check them out on the Leather Page.

John Pearse® String Wizard™.........................$74.95

Bag ~ 200 Brass Balls...............$6.95

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John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup

John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup

Our new full-spectrum transducer system is designed to accurately reproduce the sound of an acoustic stringed instrument while not changing it's acoustic nature! This John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup is appropriate for any instrument with a vibrating soundboard.

The John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup needs no transducer and no batteries!

The John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup may be mounted permanently inside an instrument, on the underside of the soundboard, using the peel-off adhesive included with the Pickup--or temporarily mounted on the topside and removed after each use, using the special non-marring adhesive included.

Since the placement of the John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup determines the sound of the instrument, it is advisable to experiment with various locations in order to determine your instrument's "sweet-spot". This is particularly important should you wish to permanently mount the Pickup inside the instrument.

You can connect your John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup into your tuner when tuning in loud places too!

John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup.............................................$39.95

Additional Adhesive.........................................$2.50

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John Pearse® Cables


One of the problems with onboard pickups is that the distance to the amplifier is often much longer then your arm! The easiest solution if our NEW JOHN PEARSE® CABLES!

Model JPV1

Volume your Fingertips

John Pearse® Volume Control Cables



Model JPV1 is intended for players who are looking for a little more flexibility either in performance or at home. A one foot lead plugs into the guitar end-pin jack and a standard cord plugs into the box itself.




A wonderful addition to any musician's gear box---John Pearse® Cables!



John Pearse® Cables - JPV1 [Volume Control] .............$24.95

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John Pearse® Leather & Suede Guitar Straps

Also check out our Leather Page.

John Pearse® Leather Guitar Straps

Our double-stitched, extra-width guitar straps are made for us by our good friends at Levy's Leather in Canada. Fully adjustable with no metal buckles to ding a finish, these beautiful and hard wearing straps are available in Black [with silver imprint] and Brown [with gold imprint] Saddle Leather. They are available either with a snap-on/snap-off loop for electric leads or plain.

We also have two Honey Suede Straps available: one is for Acoustic guitar so it doesn't have the extra snap. [as shown in the picture below, the strap to the right no longer comes with the extra snap.] The other new strap has a WIDER OPENING which will accommodate end-pin jacks and has the snap-on/snap-off loop.John Pearse® Honey Suede Straps

Some people aren't aware what purpose the snap on/off loop serves.

If you are using some sort of pickup on your guitar, you will have a cable from your guitar to an amplifier. Unsnap this extra piece and loop it AROUND your cable and then back through itself and snap it back on the strap. You give yourself an extra one foot or so of protective loop of cable before the insertion in the instrument. That way, if you should step on the cable, it will pull against the leather and that extra loop of cable before it pulls directly on wherever the cable attaches in your guitar and keep the end pin jack from harm!

The Width of the Straps, at the widest part, is 3 inches wide, able to vary in length from 43 inches to 48 inches.

Check out our New John Pearse® SKINNY™ Straps and our New John Pearse® SOFT STRAP™.



John Pearse® Black Saddle Leather Guitar Strap [Specify WITH or WITHOUT SNAP].................$43.95

John Pearse® Brown Saddle Leather Guitar Strap [Specify WITH or WITHOUT SNAP].........................$43.95

John Pearse® Honey Suede Guitar Strap, Regular Without Snap..............................................................$43.95

John Pearse® Honey Suede Guitar Strap,Large Hole With Snap..................................................................$43.95

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John Pearse® Pick Stuff LogoJohn Pearse® PICK STUFF

Made from a non-greasy, non-toxic, non-staining material, John Pearse® Pick Stuff helps you hold on to your flat picks! Packaged in a convenient plastic container, it can be carried easily in instrument cases or in pockets!

Just rub thumb or index finger across the surface and then rub the two fingers together until "dry"...and you will hold on to your picks more easily! Forget the cork covered picks, forget the funny shapes...just get the John Pearse® Pick Stuff!



John Pearse® Pick Stuff.............................................$1.95

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John Pearse® Steel Bar Boxes

Over the years, we've talked with a lot of steel guitar players. One item has been mentioned forever--some sort of container to protect steel bars! Well, we've always been incredibly proud of the hardness of our Thermo-cryonic Tone Bars™, since they are so hard they don't ding or scratch. And, at the same time, we've been concerned for the players who have such a problem! So, after a long search, we've found something which, we think, will solve the problem!

Made of thick hard white plastic, with a living hinge and fastening, the box is incredibly solid. The cover actually fits down inside the lower section of the box to make the seam stronger. The box measures 3-7/8 inches long by 2-1/2 inches wide by 1-1/8 inch deep! That's enough to store several pedal steel bars as well as the room for a cloth to pad them! There's even probably room for some thumb and finger picks too and yet small enough to fit into a pocket or an instrument case!!

John Pearse® Pedal Steel Bar Box ..................$ 5.95 each

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John Pearse® Bronze Contour Slide

John Pearse® Bronze Contour Bar

A bar with a flare! No, it's not a typo. Our new bell bronze guitar slide now has FLARE and FLAIR! If you look carefully at the hole we bore through the bar you will see that it gradually flares wider at one end, making it really comfortable for pickers with hefty pinkies. For Delta devotees with more diminutive digits, just wear the bar from the other end. Now, incomparable comfort as well as the sweetest, truest slide blues you've ever played!

Bell Bronze, from which this slide is made, is the hardest and most resonant form of bronze. Long respected because of its beauty and the sweetness of its resonance, it has been used through the centuries for making gongs, cymbals, and horns in addition to the bells with which it is most often associated.

John Pearse® Bronze Contour Slide for Bottleneck Guitar

Length: 2-9/16" Diameter: 1" Weight 2.6oz, 75g .....$24.95

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John Pearse® Fine Nubuck Leather Hang-Ups

John Pearse® Nubuck Hangups[tm]

Here is the perfect answer to your problem, if you are looking to hang an instrument on a wall. Not need to worry about what lacquer or finish is on the instrument in order to pick the right display mechanism. Our fine leather Hang-Ups attach to the tuning pegs of instruments to allow an instrument to be hung from a peg or hook for display. As they are made out of fine NUBUCK leather, they are non-reactive with any lacquers which might be used in a guitar finish! Branded with the John Pearse® Oval Logo, many stores offer them with new guitars! They also work well as an extendor for guitar straps.


John Pearse® Fine Leather Hang-Ups

10-3/16" long, 1" wide at ends.........$5.95

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John Pearse® Humidifiers

John Pearse® Humidifiers

Constructed of completely stable laboratory tubing, these "snake" humidifiers have a revolutionary new filling which holds more water--more safely! A must if you have central heating or live in an extremely dry area, they are best when used in conjuction with our NEW "K-SAIRE"™ Case Humidifying System! Available in two sizes,one for Guitar and larger instruments, and the other for Mandolin/Violin/Viola.



John Pearse® Humidifiers

Guitar 13" long, 1/2" diameter [tube]...................................$11.95

Mandolin/Violin/Viola ....................$9.75

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John Pearse® D'Angle (tm)




An exciting and totally unique instrument support device that allows a stringed insturment to be suspended from the smallest of level areas. A boon for any musicians working in cramped surroundings where a normal instrument stand is just not practical, the D'ANGLE™ is so compact that it will fit easily inside a standard guitar case. Now you can D'ANGLE™ your instruments out of harm's way--and no headstock is required.

John Pearse® D'ANGLE™.... $ 19.95

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This is one of the softest nucrifuber cloths we have been able to find.

Now you can polish your guitar without polish...or your glasses...or whatever. The beauty of the microfiber is that it does it all without additives!

Washable. Approx 12:" X 12" We wamted one large enough to use on guitars....and one of the best deals ever!



Breezy Ridge Microfiber Polishing Cloth.....$6.50





Other Accessories [Call for information}

Hall's Glass Dulcimer Noters

Shubb-Pearse Guitar Steels

Shubb Capos & Parts



Prices listed are Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice!

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